lunes, marzo 30, 2020

Heroes Assembles

I have been drafting for days how to start my writing journey and I have to admit that due to many things happening at the same time around me my mind was very distracted until I received a text from my dear friend Karen. So, I decided to take a moment to think about myself and do what I love most.  Since then, I decided to make space in my mind and feel free of worry. I’d start to build sentences late at night or in the shower and, right away, I began to take notes and here I am writing down my eloquent ideas.

I never thought that my first formal work of writing would be in English, and I say formal because it is expected to be published and I am used to posting some shorter pieces on my social media account. This is different, however, and special not just because it is my first long writing in English, but it is also special because my friend Karen brought an idea to me and God miraculously filled my mind with a lot of wonderful ideas.

I know this moment is hard for everybody. Presently, we all are facing the same enemy. The whole world is fighting to try to put the adversary out of our lives. I think at this point you know perfectly what I am talking about. Yes… the novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19). No one is spared from this reality; however, as I cannot speak for you, my reader, I am going to speak about how I have been seeing and living this new reality.  

I began watching a TV show where references about the situation in others countries were made, and I would always take it lightly because it was what other people were facing and fighting by themselves. Months ago I never thought that the same enemy would make presence in this country and I don’t think the TV show host did either. Maybe, we both were just watching from the other side and making our own conjectures. I do not watch TV very often, but that show is really entertaining for me and my son so we always watch it together whenever we have free time. I feel that it has built a deeper connection between us. He waits for me to watch it while I take my lunch or any other moment of the day or week. We laugh together and we discuss about what we are watching to make our own conclusion. Then everything changed in my mind when I started to learn that the monster that other countries have been fighting was already in the country where I am living. Not long after, it became a part of the conversations between my son and I. I made some references to my son about the situation I shared with him my point of view letting him have some space to think for himself about what is actually happening around the world.

I have to be honest, my perspective on the Coronavirus is a mixture on the facts that are out there and my personal opinions that make the situation more fun. You’re probably asking yourself, why fun? Well, as I said before my son and I have built a relationship over this show, but part of that relationship is based in sharing wonderful moments (good or bad) together, supporting each other, and giving the best of each other.  In our case, watching that TV show is a fun part, but there are other fun things that we share. We both are fans of the European soccer team FC Barçelona. We love to watch soccer. We love to eat ice cream together. We love movies especially Marvel movies… hahaha yes, we both love Marvel superhero movies. We share and do more fun things, but I want to stop with movies. I remember, days ago, I related the Coronavirus situation to the last two Avengers movies (Avengers Infinity War and Endgame). I do not know if some of you have watched those already it maybe would be a great moment to watch those. I recommend watching all of the movies that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) if you want to discover the whole picture and see how they all connect, but please do not be disappointed if some things do not make sense or if you expect more or less from the super heroes. I am still discovering that universe because I believe that each person needs to experience it in their own way.  I am a Star Wars and MCU fan, but unlike other fans, I don’t go crazy about what happened in a scene, what should happen or shouldn’t happen in the next movie, what the writers or director should do, or any other crazy things that some fans think or do for those movies. I try to enjoy my fan experience, watching the movies eating popcorn and letting my mind fly inside that universe. Okay…that’s enough description about what I love from those movies and the kind of fan that I am.

As I said, I associated the Coronavirus with Thanos, one of the characters in the Avengers movie that I mentioned before. I associated our reality with the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame movies. In those movies Thanos is a genocidal warlord from a fictional world Titan, whose main objective is to bring stability to the universe and of course he has his own theory about how he can achieve that goal. He sets out to collect 6 powerful infinity stones in the universe - The Space Stone (blue), the Reality Stone (red), the Power Stone (purple), the Mind Stone (yellow), the Time Stone (green) and the Soul Stone (orange) – and he wants to use their collective power to turn half population in the universe into dust with just one snap in order to stop overpopulation and scarcity of resources.

-          I have been watching news about Coronavirus and how the numbers of people infected are increasing day by day, but also I watch a troop of healthcare professionals always ready to serve the public.
-          I watch people follow the advice of professional and government because they want the best for them and others around them, but also I watch people ignoring the whole situation just because they feel invincible or immune to any kind of fatality showing that they do not care about anything around them.
-          I watch people helping each other and trying to spread love rather than fears even though they must be frightened too.
-          I watch kindness in the whole world, but also I watch people buying everything that they think need to keep safe and forgetting about other that also need food and protection to feel safe too.
-          I see many workers outside serving the community, but also I watch people discriminating others because they are afraid of so many things.
-          I see many workers working in their houses although it is not comfortable because many of them are not ready to set an office in their homes or having problems to concentrate in their jobs while millions of things are happening around them, but I see also many others that are unemployed or incapable to perform a job for different circumstances.
-          I see many students taking online classes, teachers and in general all education forces doing their best to bring a better future to our world.  
-          I see volunteers spreading hope to others.

I could tell you many other bad or good things that have been happening for the last months, weeks, or days during this pandemic stage, but I am hoping that you can keep these in mind and that we all are one world and all together need to do something drastic. We must change the way that we have been living and start to build a better world for all of us.

I believe that during times of crisis we can discover who we are and what we are capable to do. We realize who cares about us and how much we can do to care for others. We figure out what we can do to live a better life and enjoy this life, the only one that we have, with our loved ones. We make the decisions we believe are best to live happy with ourselves. We decide on what actions we need to take in order to achieve our goals and dreams. We should be thankful and practice showing kindness to this world and live cohesively on our planet.

I trust that we can all assemble like the Avengers do against Thanos. We will do “Whatever It Takes” to overcome this very hard moment in our history and use the Coronavirus Disease as a lesson to learn from all the mistakes (and what we have done right) to beat this together.

Finally, I would like to end this writing with a quote that was forged many years ago during one of the darkest moment in my life and since that day until now it is still present.

Live to dream. Dream to live. Each dream is a hope and a path to follow. God gives us the opportunity to make our dreams become true if we work hard every day for it. Be patient and do not be worry about the time that it takes.

Until the next dream,

Vivimos para soñar.  Soñamos para vivir. Cada sueño es una esperanza, un camino a seguir. Dios nos da la oportunidad de levantarnos día a día para trabajar por nuestros sueños y esperar con paciencia lo anhelado. El tiempo que te lleve verlos materializados, que no te preocupe
Duvraska Mendoza


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