viernes, diciembre 09, 2011

Beautiful Autumn

I would like to share with you a poem. Sometime you not understand the climate, seasons, or weather; however I think that the nature is a gift of God. I hope you like this poem. “Smile forever”.

I am a tree in fall. I feel like flying with my arms. I am growing to be happy, because God is smiling at me with winds and tornados. My leaves are falling and flying everywhere. I am as free as a river that runs without stopping. It is my opportunity for dreaming and living, it is a wonderful moment. A tree isn't sad in autumn, a tree in autumn only cleans its arms and feet, also a tree does give thanks to God for changes in his body and mind. A tree is shining, and smiling in spring and summer, so only a tree is blessed by God in autumn and winter.

Until next dream...

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