jueves, abril 21, 2011

A story about some things I remember from my native country

Venezuela is a very generous country with its people; because it offers beautiful landscapes: deserts, forests, jungles, mountains, lakes, and wonderful beaches and rivers.
In Venezuela we celebrate many kind of fairs around the country, some of the fairs around the country, some of the fairs name are:

- Feria de la Chinita, in Maracaibo

- Ferias de San Sebastián, in San Cristóbal

- Ferias del Sol, in Mérida

- Feria Internacional de Barquisimeto, in Barquisimeto

- Ferias de Mayo, in San Felipe

- Ferias de San José, in Maracaibo

- Ferias de Elorza, in Elorza

Venezuela is a musical country most states has tipic music and dances. I remember La Danza de la Cinta, El Golpe Tocuyano, Los Tambores Barlobenteños, El Tamunangue, Las Gaitas, El Joropo.

In my country people are very friendly, help full, and funny. In general my country Venezuela is the best country of the world

Heroes Assembles

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